WTF Friday: Best Of Both Worlds?


Not too long ago I was tagged an instavideo (embedded below) of a bagged third generation Ford Ranger that uniquely articulated in the middle.

It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before and I instantly gave the owner (@layedoutlarry) a follow.

Then, as is typical with Instagram, I forgot about the build completely until recent photos of the Ranger popped up on my timeline looking unlike most (perhaps all) other minitrucks.




As a kind of war of worlds Larry threw some steels and all terrain tires under the truck and removed the fenders in addition to the previously MIA bed.

A few bent tubes and some welding later and viola the pre runner minitruck is born.



Instagram comments suggest that it isn’t actually just for looks and the truck will be driven fairly spiritedly, the motor swap below suggests the same.


An off Road capable truck that can also lay frame? This might be the best of both worlds.


  1. it reminds me of a modern randition of a rat rod using parts laying around to build something unique. rat rodding was started by taking used cars of the era and now that era is done we should move past it by keeping the traditions alive not trying to recreate them with the vehicles of old. this is a perfect example of that because it pains me to see “modern” rat rods using classic parts that could be used else where.this dosent mean i dont like rat rods its just a double edged sword in one hand you r destroying a part of history in another you are creating something new and intresting. just some rambling thoughts sorry for the book hahaha good work as always keep it up

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I like this truck, it’s different.

      Rat Rodding is a can of worms. Perhaps I will try and address it in an article down the road…

  2. New trend ?????

    I would love to see this get abused both laying frame, jumping dunes And swimming in mud.

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