Theme Tuesdays: Cool, unique, and otherwise interesting turbo set-ups


Boost makes everything better and today’s Theme Tuesday focuses on some of the more unique turbo set-ups I can currently think of. The cars today were selected either because the application was creative, the set-up itself was creative, the turbo was simply massive, or all of the above.

There are still a number of other cars I could have included on this list so don’t be surprised if this theme starts reoccurring.

While perhaps not the craziest set up in this post, this car has always intrigued me just because it is so rare to see the Buick GN motor not in a GN
Sadly I’m told this car was destroyed somewhat recently
Straight out of left field is this turbo F20 tracker, not sure what became of it after it showed up on eBay
This car…
…and this car belong to the same lucky owner
Rumors are this is just a show set-up and this car didn’t make boost but I’m doing my best to get to the bottom of it

Perhaps on par with the turbo size above is this RSX out of Florida
Trevor’s vr6t turbo s14 is an obvious inclusion in this post, if you’re not following his updates on Facebook you should be
Chop Shop isn't messing around this year.
Chop Shop isn’t messing around with the latest incarnation of their R32. 1500+ hp is the goal
If I’m not mistaken this boosted LS/VTEC with 760whp and 470lbs of torque is the fastest EF in Canada. It also wins best of class at shows

I completely forgot this was a remote mount twin turbo car until I was pulling this post together
Probably because in most cases the owner isn’t displaying this photo
All of my exterior photos of this V6 turbo gen sucked but I did manage to get a picture of a picture of the turbo set up
Zeke Peterson’s 1000hp ‘GTIRS’ r…
Bismimoto has brought a number of turbo Porsche’s to SEMA, this one was there in 2011

This one….
…and this one were present in 2014


It’s really is a shame that this Heffner twin turbo kit is completely hidden by the bumper
Rick Dobbertin’s J200 is still one of the craziest FI set-ups I’ve ever seen, you can read more about it here
Little bit of Australian crazyness via Speedhunters
Little bit of Australian craziness via Speedhunters
Plucky little Ghia with a very in your face turbo configuration

Radikalbugz Tv : the green thunderbolt from Kris B. on Vimeo.

Who can forget this featured turbo LS s2000?
One of the two 94mm turbos hanging off the big block of slick seconds


Head nod to ‘hahaha’ for the inspiration this week!


  1. thanks for indulging my interest i love that gnx camaro mainly cause my friend had a grand national i remember doing donuts in when he first got it 1 of 2 i see on a regular basis and that karman ghia is sick every car you found is gnarly i figured it would be a good idea thanks again hahaha

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