Windows no tints, cars, no rims…


With certain cars sometimes to make a heard turner all you need to do is drop them to the ground, the cars which usually respond best to the ‘just slam’ treatment are ones that are normally not in the hands of people who would put them on the ground.

Visually this Benz has no other modifications than a healthy drop, and if it never received anything else it would still look great.

If I recall this particular model of Mercedes is on air ride from the factory so all that really needed to be done was tricking the suspension into thinking this is ride height.

Looks classy and bad ass at this height
Looks to be damn well kept also
The only thing missing are the fogs
Loads of clearance

The title is in reference to a Jay-Z lyric by the way.

Part 1 of the 2010 Importfest Coverage should be coming sometime later today sorry for the delay I was at another event yesterday and took a lot of photos so I’m a little behind the eight ball in regards to photo editing/uploading.

Here is a little something as an apology:

I can't look innocent so I contracted her to do it for me...



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