White Letters


I hardly ever post on Saturday, more so this early on a Saturday, but an s2k dumped on one of my favorite rims with meaty white letter Falkens and minimal stretch? I like this, I like this a lot.

Props to the owner and the photographer as both the car and photography are well put together.

Sure you could argue that this could be lower but I think this height works on every level
LM's and white letters? Dig.
Love it
Dat ass!

Photo credit: Amer Nabulsi and spotted on JDMR.


  1. You guys must be too young to remember that almost every tire had white lettering only 10 or so years ago. There’s a reason nobody makes tires with white letters for cars any more: It’s outdated!

  2. A+ for the car as well as the photography. I like the white lettering on the tires. Stands out from the norm. Outdated? – No, Discontinued? – Yes. Bringin it backkk

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