Event Coverage: Importfest 2010 Pt. 1


The tenth anniversary of Importfest went down this weekend and it was really one to remember, the show was about the same size as last year but the caliber of cars on the floor seemed to be quite a bit higher.

The team entries were off the hook, the stage always had something going on, and the women looked great, not to mention the new best stance award category which I was lucky enough to have a hand in judging.

Today’s coverage is a little bit of everything so there should be a little something for everyone.

Please forgive the white balance being all over the place in these shots, the dim lighting was giving me some trouble.

This and that

There was a lot going on at Importfest at any given time and I did my best to try and take it all in.

I used to love these movies
The Importfest organizers did a good job of keeping the stage full all day with performances
Check out the crowd this model drew...
Wrestlemania on nes... YES!
Already showed you her front side
But here is the back, don't worry more models tomorrow


A little bit of euro today, a little more tomorrow

A nice looking e90(3)?
You don't see that many z4s at shows yet
Wide body GTI all the way from Quebec
Lots of dish front and rear, could be spaced out a tad more
I really, really, wish I didn't sell my rms with my e30 now, beautiful!


Team Nine O Five Rides G35 sorry I didn't get your whole team guys
Hmm, maybe my mind could be changed about Pink cars


The Toyota/Lexus crowd had A little bit of drift, some VIP and a lot of Dragonball Z

The spotlight was on this Scion
Hopefully see this sedan sliding on Sunday
Check the poke out front
VIP crew in the building!
Aidan had to work to get into the show but it paid off, more on that tomorrow
Black is beautiful
Yes that is a screen in the gas filler door
The Tekken car wasn't here this year but this DBZ Lexus was
Super saiyan.


I've never seen Mark's RX7 before I think I like it more than his 8
He took home best or 2nd best rx-7 if I recall
If I am not mistake a RE Amemiya kit that uses the Porche headlights
Safe to say this is the first RX-7 like this I have seen

Hyundai, Subaru, and Fiat

Yes you read right,  and Fiat!

Quite a few Genny's came out here is a clean street version
Duh, this is a Fast wheels Tiburon 😉
Tim took home a considerable amount of hardware at Importfest, he has had a great year
I am officially jealous of his trunk set up.
Team Refugee Fiat 500


Like every Importfest the Honda crowd came out in big numbers

Pretty sure this is the EL I liked at CSCS on new wheels, never seen BBS's this big on a Honda
More pink
Shinzo RSX with a unique wood grain hood
The clean widebody first gen crx from scrape
Props to the owner for saving it from a rusty nightmare
Civic on e30 basketweaves, though the caps look different
Rish's EK, went to a bbq thrown by him the following day
Clean hard top s2000
With an equally clean under hood turbo setup

Don’t worry this is only about half of my Importfest Coverage, check back tomorrow for the Sic Ryde and Nextmod teams as well as the awards ceremony and the best stance winner.


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