Theme Tuesdays: FD RX-7s


I know I’ve done this body style of RX-7 before but truth be told there are so many nice ones out there that I will probably do the same theme a few more times.

Sorry for the amount repeats lately but I am working on a couple of unique Theme Tuesdays but they take time to pull together.

Besides it’s nothing but love for rotary’s right?

It's not often I like canards but onFD's I don't mind
Big intercooler
Most versatile Work wheels?
Fairly certain I have posted this car before just a different angle
No tire smoke this time
Unique finish on those wheels, dig the sleepy eyes also
One day I want to go to an underground parking lot meet, see what it's like
This car has a lot of aero but the murdered look keeps it from looking too busy
The rear end looks just as good
MB battles?
Looks like the same car as above but on Volks
Never seen one quite like this before...
Nice car, nice shot.
Never lift.


This is so radically different that the rest today but damn appealing.
Hoosiers, CF, and an American power plant, do like!
And finally some appreciation for it's near stock form

Another classy model post next week?


  1. Does anyone have any information on the car 7th from the top? I know those wheels are VOLK TE37’s I am pretty sure. But I am catching hell trying to find a set for a RX7 in the proper fitment, size, and same finish. If you have any information please email me at [email protected] Thanks.

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