Event Coverage: Importfest 2010 Pt. 2


Here is part two of the 2010 Importfest Coverage including some  of the rides from the Division R, Sic Ryde and Nextmod teams along with the winner of the ‘Baddest Stance‘ category which I helped judge. Additionally there are some awards ceremony shots  and a couple girls.

Off the top I would just like to thank Basit, Neil, Dave and the rest of the judges/organizers who put the show on for having me out to cover the event and letting me be a small part of it.

Congratulations on a great 10 year anniversary guys.

Division R

Sam’s team had a good showing at Importfest this year, expect this team to keep getting stronger, and stronger as time goes by.

Czero’s ground scraping Matrix
Division R’s Jetta on what I believe are Keskin Kt-1s
Interesting way to show off a fitting award
Thanks for the love
Hey look it’s Jackie
Thought you were selling Sam 😛
Every time I passed this car someone was commenting on the stretch

Sic Ryde

Sic put in a lot of work for this years Importfest, his teams area was well put together and they won a number of awards.

It was great to hear the Sic Ryde name called again, and again, during the awards because like all of the teams posted today he put in a lot of work in the weeks leading up to the show.

Sic always reps hard at every event he goes to in a way only he can
Smooth two toned Civic
The Sic Ryde team had their JDM bases covered as well
Junction Produce M45 (thanks Aidan)
Owned by Kingpin
LS getting it’s leaaaan on
Sic honestly surprised me with this m3, I had no idea he was getting into the BMW game
This Benz was sitting proper, when it’s a Sic Ryde you should expect that
One of Sic’s two Corrados
This car is always super clean, also note the S.R. crowd control barriers
And Custom emblems
His other Corrado has more of a standard body, but I doubt it’s factory under the hood


Peter came to Importfest this year with an astounding 30 cars, 8 of which he personally did the vinyl on. Like Sic Ryde his team took home a number of awards at the show.

The caliber of cars Peter brought to the show now as a number of people scrambling to be a part of his team for next years Importfest.

I’m fairly certain I will be doing rim shopping at Nextmod this off season so next year who knows…

Clean MR2 that I don’t think I’ve seen around before
Same goes for this Infiniti
Nice 6
This car was dumped!
As is this TL
Look at that shine…
Nextmod/APH Evo
Nice vinyl application Peter
Peter also did Pearly’s STI
Not to mention the graphics on his own car
Peter’s color combo was sick
And so was the general concept
Dave (Steezy) was showing his love for HF, WFC and it’s JDM yo
Showing the 8th gen’s how it’s done while representing Nextmod
Pleasure meeting you man
One of the cleanest bays in Canada I think…
With one of the best Civic fitments as well
One of these two cars won best stance, if you don’t already know who scroll down a bit…


Quite a few people I know personally, or have met this year took home awards. I was back stage for this part of the show so my girlfriend was kind enough to take pictures.

Peter from Nextmod with either an award for his car or best team
Sam collecting for his Z
Sic doin’ his thing
Aidan took home two awards this year baddest VIP and 2ns baddest IS250/300/350

Baddest Stance

As I mentioned way back in July one of the new classes this year to Importfest was BaddestStance and Basit, the organizer, was nice enough to extend his hand and let me have some involvement.

My role was simple enough, let the lead judge know who I thought had the Baddest Stance and as long as there was a consensus among all the judges this person took home the award.

Additionally I was also given the opportunity to personally hand off the award to the winner.

The 2010 ‘Baddest Stance’ Award went to Mike from properspecs.com and it was well deserved. His G is the perfect example of how to do stance right.

No one ever sees it and thinks ‘it could be a tad lower’ or ‘the wheels could come out a little bit’ because everything is in perfect harmony.

Just take a look at this stance:

From what I understand to get in he had to remove his side skirt and lip, dedicated to the game!

Here are some photos from when I presented the award to Mike.

Explaining who I am while trying to to drop everything all casted…
Getting our photo taken, sorry I jacked your model shot Mike I didn’t know about the photo op, lol

Thanks once again for everyone at Importfest for having me out and it was a pleasure meeting Mike, Dave, Neil and everyone else I met on Saturday.


  1. Hey Dave,

    It was really nice meeting you at importfest. I’ve always been wondering who the man behind StanceisEverything was. Thanks for all the kind words about the G as well as ProperSpecs.com
    Ill be adding StanceIsEverything to the blog Roll!


  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the coverage… and we will be in touch, do some more giveaways. TWO THUMBS UP!!

    till then… SIC RYDE – Expect the Unexpected.


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