Event Coverage: A Sunday BBQ


Last Sunday I was invited out to a pub in Markham for a casual gathering of local car enthusiasts. It was great to go from the busy car show atmosphere to a lazy patio venue all in the same weekend and just further proves that no matter how you love your cars the GTA has something for you.

The afternoon was a great opportunity for me to meet quite a few people I have interacted with online, in person for and see a lot of their cars first hand outside of the typical show venue.

The turn out was  pretty impressive as  well considering the weather was a little iffy. As the last days of summer blow through everyone is trying to squeeze those last few fair weather days of driving.

Since this was more a relaxing afternoon I didn’t take too many pictures but here are the few I did take.

Though I did manage to miss taking one of a certain red Subaru which I thought I did…next time sorry man 😛

Hell ya Pulsar!
Probably the most creative hood in the GTA
Still can't believe DC co owner Ken Block left Suabaru...
So much drama in the LBC...
Angry looking pig nose
Clean S
Nearly everyone was rocking kplayground.ca stickers
A clean track ready 8th gen si
A lot of the guys at this BBQ live at the track
I've heard and seen Pete's car ripping at CSCS but this is the first time I have seen it stopped
Some serious tires up front there...
Spenser's pumpkin
Proper line up
Purple people eater
Would you believe this car has wood flooring?
J's Euro-r
Clean, clean, clean
I have a crush on this girls wheels
Fresh off the Importfest floor
The recently featured on Stance Nation TSX
This car scraped for sure on the way in
This 944 sounded amazing
Skyline came out
Mugen meets G35
The only Buddy Club wide body in Canada if I overheard correct
To wide to fit with my lens

Thanks again for the invite Rish for inviting me out for an afternoon of nice cars, food, and good times.


  1. lovin the buddy club integra epic wheel choice n fiment ,that pulsar reminds me of when i was a kid growing up in the uk there are 100s of gtr’s i used to see 2 or 3 a day and there are some real feace mofo’s the rest of the worls seams to be behind the uk when it comes to pulsars and skylines

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