Theme Tuesdays: Mercedes Benz 190e


Being a competitor of the ever loved e30 m3 in the DTM days I initially thought that this Theme Tuesday would practically pull itself together. However I was wrong and it actually took a lot longer than I thought to get a decent collection together.

But after a few days I was able to get something going, hope you enjoy.

I love vintage track testing shots like these
Not slammed, but keepin it classy
Mono blocks, Mono wiper
This has to be a custom color as I have never seen a Benz like this before
Benz answer to Bronzit?
Headlight wipers are neat, regardless of how well they work
Seems people from Cali often have great taste
This one is a current build and as such is sporting saw blades and a rusted hood
Other than the smoked headlights I would rock this allllll day
I swear 190s came mostly in black!?
I actually like Type A's without flat caps on this Benz
This was the easiest 190 to find, go figure, looks sick
Another popular one, BBS wheels will do that to a car
Moar BBS
EVO IIs were half luxury car, half track monster, shame on you for thinking I forgot them
I generally don't like yellow, and yet I can't help but be attracted to this
Drop dead gorgeous
I've posted it before, but its worth posting at least 8 more times


  1. if its good enough for coswerth its good enough for me lol love the saw blades there posabley the best ive seen em look

  2. haha wow thats my 190e on sawblades. i was looking for a pic of my car on google and saw this how funny! didnt know anyone had blogged about it, too bad it took so long for me to find out, but a late thank you from me anyway!

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