Readers Rides: Facebook Fans


I’ve made it a point over the last few weeks to interact with those of you on the facebook ‘like’ page more and while doing so I noticed that the fan photos gallery had some super clean looking readers rides.

For those not on facebook or part of the ‘like’ page page here is some of what you are missing out on.

Aaron’s Civic

This is Aaron’s second Civic and he decided to keep it simple this time around and I think it works really well.

Have to love how Aarons clean subtle mods have transformed his car
Aarons Civic is clean and simple

Andrews Genesis

Andrew was a Ford Probe owner but made the jump to the Genesis and has wisely never looked back. Fat N Fly.

Andrews dumped Genesis, I know he's got new wheels on route

Geby’s Rx-7

Geby’s RX-7 is just filthy, if you can’t appreciate the magic and mystery behind a rotary motor you should at least be able to appreciate how clean, flush, and dumped this car is.

This car could have easily made the rolling shot Theme Tuesday

Rob’s Corrado

Rob’s clean white Corrado has been feature on a few sites already and deserves all of the exposure it gets.

Clean dialed front end
Equally clean rear end
Sittin proper

Sarahs GTI

Sarah’s GTI isn’t just a looker on BBS wheels and FK coils, her 16v also has Kent uprated cams, a Power Rohr, four branch manifold, and a stainless steel power flow exhaust. ‘He’ is quite the machine.

Singe rounds, mono wiper, flares, euro all the way
If only all women rode so clean
Such a nice color on this car

I always love the opportunity to give my readers rides some shine time so keep adding those photos to the like page and emailing them in!


  1. i toataly love the corado and the rx7 the very defintition of doing it the right way nice cars all of ya i realy need to by a work shop so i can start project amazon ive been planing it since i was a kid lol but first i need to move off my boat and get a real place with room to strip down a car . im so gelus guys amazing rides all of you im gelus

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