Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke: Fitted-1 Pt.2


Wrapping up the coverage from the first Fitted event today with some more Euros, Subarus, IS300s, VIP cars, Domestics, and Nissans.

Hats off to the crew at Stretch & Poke for organizing and hosting such a great start to their season, of course they have no time to sit back and reflect on their accomplishments as they are back at it Sunday at CSCS.


A couple European cars managed to make their way over to today’s coverage.

MK5 on Aero 18s yay or nay?
Ian doin it for idub
Nuff said.


Unrelated to Stretch & Poke but the TSC Spring Fling is taking place this weekend in Burlington for all you Subaru heads.

It seems like I only see this wagon once a year, the front end has come down some since I saw it last
No stretch, no poke, just a purpose built Subaru
JP's car sans a  few unnecessary cosmetic pieces


Chris sold his Subaru and picked up this Miata over the winter, these XXRs are temporary as far as I know
A boosted Miata that is the perfect balance between function and form
Got a chance to talk to the owner of this RX-7 for awhile, visually it looks very similar to last year but underneath is a new suspension setup that actually gives him more travel


Jeff and Blain are now on another level, I should start calling them the untouchables, two of the best looking G’s in the city.

His 18 CCW has been replaced and the coils have made way for bags
Jeff's also switched up his wheels over the winter
They suit the car perfect


Toronto’s Liberty VIP members on point as usual.

Yudi showing his B side and Brett bringing his A game
Ride low park lower, you will never catch Brett fully aired up
Aidan's car is parked in basically the same spot every time


The amount of nice IS300s at this event was a little surprising honestly.

Chris sold his silver is300 just so he could roll with a nearly identical (but boosted) one
Fairly sure this car will be out sliding on Sunday at CSCS
Where did this one come from!? Very impressed looks terrific


Kiwi out in his Flex
Probably one of the lowest Contour SVTs you will ever see, or Mondeo depending on where you are from
There's currently a debate about painted lettering on Stance Works, I don't mind this
Jeff said if he didn't get impounded or break an oil pan he would be at the meet. Then he broke his pan (in the US no less), fixed it, skipped sleeping, and came out anyway, dedication.


These look cool sitting but I always find people look awkward riding them... might just be me though
I love these 3-pc Enkei wheels, kind of hard to come by, but so much potential as seen here
Pair of 7 series Civics
Very low boosted EK
Dan on his newest set of Works
Brain hood less like always
The opposite end of the s2000 I posted on Tuesday


This car reminds me of one from the Violent Running Tribe forums in... 2009 maybe?
A little paint and we have a winner
Clean black paint on a straight body is a hard thing to beat
Tons of rumors circling around about what is going to happen with this car in regards to fitment
I'd hate to see unpainted flares covering up that paint but at the same time this looks awkward
This on the other hand is basically perfect
Pictures do not really do this car justice
The owner commented Tuesday saying that the car normally doesn't run this much camber
I could see it looking even cleaner with camber that matches the front

The next Stretch & Pokee event is this Sunday, where these are up for grabs.

Dammit Chris…


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