Guest Coverage: Goodwood Festival Of Speed Part 1


Every year at England’s Goodwood Estate there are two awesome automotive events; The Goodwood Revival and The Goodwood Festival of Speed. If I were located on that side of the pond I would surely attend both no questions asked but sadly I’m on this side of the pond and currently it’s not in the cards to attend either event any time soon.

However long time reader and England native Matt Blackhurst had the opportunity to attend this years Festival of speed and was nice enough to send through some coverage so enjoy today’s post from his perspective.

Hi All, My name’s Matt Blackhurst and I’m an amateur Photographer & blogger from England. This weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed, where over 100 car manufactures come to showcase their newest & greatest cars and concepts, their historic cars & their most unique cars.

When we got there, the car park alone offered some beautiful sights, and I managed to see a few cars I’d never seen in the flesh before!

There was this Beautiful Lancia Stratos in bright yellow
A lovely blue ISF, with 2 a Ferrari 550 Maranello & 450 Italia there [Very common here!]
Mustangs are very rare over here in England due to emissions, so seeing a Saleen was a very rare sight indeed!
A super-rare F355 Challenge, covered in dust but a gorgeous looking car!
An equally dusty SLR looking like it wanted to eat the Porsches around it!
Can you name this?
A glance at a few of the cars in the car park, with this gorgeous MP4-12C in Volcanic Orange.

When we finally got in to the festival, we were faced with a huge temporary building, the Moving Motor Show. Car manufactures had the chance to showcase their newest cars on the hillclimb, and gave us a chance to look around and inside some brand new cars.

There was the fully electric SLS on show at the AMG stand
Got Wing?
Infiniti don’t really sell cars to the UK, so to see this was amazing. Anyone know what it’s called?
A Seat Ibiza Trophy, very cool car and pretty cheap too, and they’d styled it perfectly.
TRD had their own stand, with a 2000GT and GT86 Convertible on show…
…as well as a lot of GT86’s with different kits on.
A race prepped GT-86 which had an insane cage and was lapping about 8 seconds quicker than a standard one, both with standard engines!
Cars like the Twin Turbo Chrome R8 drew a big crowd, and apparently was making near 750HP
The 911 is 50 this year, so to celebrate Porsche had… a few 911s to show the evolution
The 911 is 50 this year, so to celebrate Porsche had… a few 911s to show the evolution
BlackRock Drivers Club with a few Lamborguinis outside. From L>R Aventador, Reventon, Murcielago, Diablo, Countash & A Muria.
To close off the first day, 3 911’s suspended upside down around 150FT in the air care of artist Gerry Judah


  1. The black single seater is a Schuppan 962CR, a road going version of the group C Porsche 962 built by former porsche racing car driver Vern Schuppan. only a few were built, quite rare.

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