Theme Tuesday: New Wheel Companies Part – 2


About three quarters of the way through writing last weeks Theme Tuesday I realized that there was no way to fit all of the companies I wanted into a post of reasonable length so I decided to cut it into two parts.

What I didn’t know was how many of you would be into that post. I may have to do future instalments of this series further down the road.

Here a few more new(er) wheel companies worth keeping an eye on.

Spinfab Design

Like Rotiform and M Technia Spinfab Design has a lot of experience in wheel refinishing, rebuilding, and customization.

Using what they have learned from creating wheels people want from existing (and custom) components Spin Fab has decided to venture into the custom wheel field.

The wheel below is their first prototype.

This is a 16×9 example of the concept 012/012a



This RS spare is the reason spin fab got added into my rss reader


3SDM is the only company in this series of posts that actually sends me an email nearly every time they release a new design.

Forge Motorsports has picked up distribution in North American US distributor so I imagine they will start popping up more around these parts.

One of the first images 3DSM sent over to the site way back when
This wheel is actually somewhat similar to the Tarmac
Somehow I managed to miss this TT all last season
They also have a directional wheel which personally I have not seen a lot of, apparently they all spin the correct way


Most people know of Fifteen52 via the Tarmac wheel that Ken Block thrashes on his Ford Fiesta.

However Fifteen52 is far from a one trick pony and has an entire additional line up of great looking wheels including 3 piece Tarmacs and CCW like Formula TRs.

New Beetle on 3PC Tarmacs from SEMA 2012
The “Super Beetle” on Fifteen52 Formula TRs
The Fifteen52 Snowflakes on a bagged Mazda 2 that was posted last year
Like Watercooled IND, and 3SDM, Fifteen52 also has a directional wheel
As seen here on this Passat Wagon

D2 Forged

I’ve only seen one set of D2 Forged wheels in person but they were quite stunning. Being a luxury sport line-up they are very much out of my price (and fitment) range but a guy can dream.

They look great on this 997 lowred on H&R coils
Vantage on D2 FMS01 wheels
GTR on D2’s
This was the set I saw in person on ‘Fat Mike’s’ old Benz

Nessen Forged

Another big in luxury sport forged wheel manufacturer on the market, Nessen has made quite a name for themselves the past few years with their involvements in projects like the ones below.

350 on Nessen forged wheels, I think these photos are from an S:N feature
This 370 was on nearly every Facebook fan page not too long ago
Nessen on Accuair’s Audi project from SEMA 2012
Mad Mike using Nessen’s on his BadBul

Barramundi Design

Joey over at The Chronicles… has been posting about this multi piece Forged wheel company out of Japan for about a year now and personally I can’t wait to see some of there wheels in person.

I really like everything about this EF


Dare I say perfect?

Blonixx Wheels

Every single time I post a photo of Jake’s Genesis someone asks ‘what wheels are those?’ Well they are Blonixx Snowflake wheels made by ISS Forged.

M/8 B-spec on an 86
F/10 B-spec on a G
F-5 B/Spec on a Fox cause it’s been a long time since I have posted a box body
Winner of the Felgenoutlet Best tire/rim combo at SEMA


  1. The funny thing is I’ve contacted almost every company that was mentioned about a set of 18×9.5 and 18×11’s with +15 offset. Each company quoted me $3500-$4200. That’s funny since ccw quoted me $2500. Yea these company’s are in it to make money but I shall not be raped. Just like people charging $1000 for lsx swap mounts. Smh at some of these people.

  2. The Spinfabs are bad ass. They really have an old school feel to the design, althou if they start at 16″ that would mean no fitment on actual old school cars.
    Same for 3sdm, really kool timeless designs.
    Too bad i could never afford a 4K set of rims LOL

  3. CCW is indeed an old player in the custom wheel game. They may be more affordable because most of their 3-piece wheels use barrels that fit all of their faces.

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