When I first saw the Mazda 2 at the Canadian International Autoshow in 2010 I saw some potential there thanks to the three cars Mazda brought out. Maybe not potential for everyone but definitely something there for people looking for a small hatch.

A couple have popped up online (most notably one on Hella Flush) but I think this might be one of the most modified one in the states right now.

The owner hasn’t even had this one too long, he just knew exactly what he wanted to do to it and got to doin’ it.

Stock…. nothing worth a second look really
Lip kit and bags changes errrthang
fifteen52 snoflakes don’t hurt either
It is taking a long time.. but the Mazda grin might be growing on me

Build thread here on… pretty sure he’s not done.


  1. they do in europ, “hot hatches” are the most commonly moded cars over here, the new fiesta is very like the mazda 2 and it has a huge moding culture behind it here

  2. Surprisingly cool,

    Saw the first photo and went ooo nooo whyy,

    but then, I came to the quick realization that it is a good looking little car thanks to the mods done.

    Good job making it look like it does for the platform you had to work with, I like it; its different.

  3. Must be nice doing work on a brand new car, haha. It’s insane how proper fitment, and wheel choice drastically changes the way a car looks. Love that lil thing! haha.

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