The Devil Wears Enkei


This A3 has forever sat near the very top of my personal ‘best a3s ever’ list and I’ve posted it on at least three occasions.

I absolutely loved it on BBS LM wheels but recently he switched things up and sold the LMs in favour of Enkei RS05RR.

Some of you might consider going from the almighty LM to a single piece Enkei a downgrade, and being a huge fan of the LM on paper I would agree, but this set-up has an unshakably awesome visual impact.




Just goes to show you that someone with grate tasted can make anything work.



  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and the continued support! Yes, I agree, I was really bummed about selling the LMs (got engaged last year); I REALLY loved those wheels. I was excited about their replacements though (current RS05RRs), but it was really a different story when I received the wheels in person. Oh my goodness these wheels are so gorgeous. I knew the moment I opened the boxes and caressed the wheels for a little while that I loved them MORE than the LMs (I tried to convince myself otherwise). I love both of the setups and have no regrets at all, but I’m more than ecstatic at the way they came out on the car. Thanks again!

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