Theme Tuesdays: E30s With Foreign Hearts


It’s been awhile since I’ve done an e30 Theme Tuesday, and with good looking e30s being so easily accessible I felt posting a bunch of without a theme-within-a-theme would have been a little too predictable and straight forward.

So to make things a little more challenging for myself, and interesting for you, I’ve decided to limit today’s post to only e30s that have hard their hearts transplanted with motors from other brands.

Starting local Steve’s sr20 e30 that you are all probably used to seeing at this point

The car has obviously changed a bit over the years, the white paint was drastic but it’s transformation into a drift car was even more so. The SR20 is now out of the car as well if favour of a Ford 5.0 V8
Speaking of 5.0 powered e30s here’s one with the most creative plate of this post


To further challenge myself I’ve decided to limit this post to one LS powered car
I picked a doozy naturally
The first of two Audi powered e30s spotlit today
This one spotted in Ocean city is a street driven drift car…
…as demonstrated here
As far as I know this one from Montreal isn’t a drift car…
…but that doesn’t make it any less awesome
13b powered E30 from Australia I believe
There are some chrome 20s bolted to it, and since no one wants to see that here is a shot of the engine bay


Local RB25det powered e30 build, only seen in it out a handful of times
There are a few 2J swapped e30s but not nearly as many m3s, this one was shot by Larry Chen for Speedhunters
Going to end things with Viktor Mårtensson’s wild 2JZ drift car


This car has floated around the net for awhile so I’m sure some of you have seen it but this thing is a MONSTER

Of course monster statements cannot be made without moving pictures so here’s a quick video:

I forget some, or worse yours? Feel free to add in the comments!


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