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Theme Tuesdays: E30 M3s Pt. 3

Ah the old dependable e30 m3. The car that is nearly unanimously loved by all comes to save me on a Tuesday where I...

Theme Tuesdays: E30s With Foreign Hearts

It's been awhile since I've done an e30 Theme Tuesday, and with good looking e30s being so easily accessible I felt posting a bunch...

Theme Tuesdays: E30s Part III – God’s Chariot Edition

For the third e30 Theme Tuesday installment I hooked up with fellow maxbimmer member Steve (Bullet Ride) who in addition to owning an e30 runs a tumblr called God's Chariot that I happen to follow. God's Chariot, in Steve's opinion, just happens to be the e30.

Theme Tuesdays: E30 M3s Part II

Similar to how I did a one two VW MKII and MKI combo a couple months back I've decided to do the same with e30s by following up the second E30 Theme Tuesday with the second E30 M3 Theme Tuesday. When I was looking at the official list of cars for GT5 I was pretty shocked to see that the e30 m3 was not included. Polyphony had better fix that by December 25th when I get my copy of GT5 as this is the only way I'll be driving one. Probably.

Theme Tuesdays: E30s Part II

I can't believe I have only done one e30 Theme Tuesday prior to this. As a former owner and current member of a number of BMW/E30 forums this is down right shameful. Not to mention that the the e30 is such a classic and versatile chassis, they look great dumped and kitted on low offset wheels, but also respond great to functional modifications when let loose on the track.

Theme Tuesdays: E30 Tourings

After the E30 M3 Theme Tuesday I basically had to do this one. A lot of you were looking out for this so hopefully you enjoy the group I was able to pull together for this. I want a Touring really bad now, this is not a good thing (financially).

Theme Tuesdays: E30 M3s FTW

If there is one thing that's universal between basically everyone in the automotive community it's that e30s kick ass, and e30 m3s even more so. I did an e30 Theme Tuesday and now its the e30 m3's time to shine. Tourings next?

Theme Tuesdays: E30s

The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Stance Is Everything is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that fit the vehicles overall theme). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: E30s

Theme Tuesdays: Gen 2 (DA5-DA9) Acura Integras

Overshadowed by the generation that followed the DA Integra might not be a common sight on the streets today but it's still a fantastic looking car.

Theme Tuesdays: 1.8T Motors In Everything

The Volkswagen 1.8t turbo motor is a rare motors swap trifecta. It's readily available, relatively cheap, and plenty durable.