Theme Tuesdays: E30s Part III – God’s Chariot Edition


For the third e30 Theme Tuesday installment I hooked up with fellow maxbimmer member Steve (Bullet Ride) who in addition to owning an e30 runs a tumblr called God’s Chariot that I happen to follow.

God’s Chariot, in Steve’s opinion, just happens to be the e30.

A few quick pm’s back and forth later and we have a Theme Tuesday made up of my favorites of his favorites.

Early Models

Dish for days
Tough as hell
Spark it or park it
Carman's e30
Mtech I

Late Models

Streetclass x Chop Shop x Gods Chariot
It's chalk... and I don't mind it
God bless e30 owners and their creativity, in my opinion this works surprisingly well
Is that a.... santa hat?
Can not place this kit, help.
These wheels suit the lines of the e30 quite well...
One of the cleanest mtech II coupes ever build period
Ellipsoids > Sealed beams
Holy crap this is amazing.
Super charged s62.... my god.
Steve's own charriot

Tourings and cabs

These wheels trigger r3vlimited flashbacks for me
Matt's Touring is no stranger to this blog, I think these are his old wheels


e30 m3 rally cars ftw
Sidling with this car is impossible... hopefully you get the reference
Problem officer?

The photos in this post are just a small sampling of the amount Steve has so if you are an e30 fan check out God’s Chariot.

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  1. dude that red coupe on widened steelies is dope and to the problem officer? officer reply was probably like “sir step out of the car with your hands up and step away from that baller ass e30” hahaha like a boss. my mom totally got pulled over cause the cops couldnt figure out what a tiburon was haha

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