Winter Wednesdays: Finnish


With a name like No Pokemon Shit it is clear from the start that this Finnish car ‘club’ is a little different.

The name might be a little odd but from what I can tell No Pokemon Shit means no body kits, no wings, no gimmicks.

Just low, clean, and to the point.

This fastback is one of their ongoing projects and a great example of they style they believe in.

These pictures are from a 2011 refresh.

More on the No Pokemon Shit Forums and Stance | Works.

I’m still on the hunt for some cars in even colder climates and deeper snow so we’ll see if I can’t get some up here next week.


  1. Hey! I am absolutely in love with the setup of this type 3. would love to speak to the owner or yourself if you have any further information on it (particularly the wheels) thanks! – [email protected]

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