Clean Local EK


Toronto has it’s share of clean EK’s and here is another one I happened to come across on a local message board.

I really don’t know anything at all about this car other than that it’s clean and I like it, hopefully you do as well.

I think I spy a wink mirror and most def spy a Bride seat
Looks like there are a few nice cars in the background as well
It would appear Junction 90 has clean cars
I hope to run across this car in person before the year is out

Photo Credits: Blougheed


  1. these were taken only a week ago.

    defanitely a clean hatch.
    owner is a chill dude.

    and Ash, you should have came! lmao

  2. Beautiful car! I just think it needs some CF Spoon mirrors and wing to match the theme. But still looks great! What are wheel/tire specs btw?

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