2012 Canadian International Auto Show Part: 2


Before I begin part 2 of the coverage from the Canadian International Auto Show let me say I missed a few manufacturers on media day, most notably Mazda, BMW, and Scion.

I only ended up with about four hours to shoot and trying to cover the show in that time while still being somewhat social proved a little more difficult than I thought.

Next year I will make sure to get the entire day off work for the media day festivities because if nothing else it will at least equal more free fancy USB keys.

All that being said there are still roughly 50 photos in today’s coverage put the total CIAS coverage so far up in the 80+ photo range.

I’ll start things off with the concepts I saw…

Cadillac Urban Luxury

This is Cadillac’s attempt at luxury in a small package and it reminds me of what the G1 Transformers looked like back on Cybertron.

Despite it’s odd shape and sharp angles it has got a few redeeming qualities including a 1.0L turbo motor that gets an extra kick in the pants from an electric motor when necessary.

I can see people trying to copy these doors all ready...
The interior is actually not too unlike something I could see produced

Kia KV7

Kia calls this an ‘urban passenger vehicle’ (which I suppose is better than Soul XL) and it is packed with electronics (including wifi). A turbo 2.0 also sits under the hood which Kia says makes ‘up to’ 285hp.

KDM on the rise?

I could see box fans doing some ok stuff with this... possibly
Like I said... Soul XL

Corvette Stingray Concept

I was a little surprised to see this at the show because, correct me if I am wrong, hasn’t this car been in the concept stage since 2009?

Regardless this was my first time seeing the car (not surrounded by explosions on screen) and after seeing it in the metal I wouldn’t be against them making it into production like this.

Surprised it didn't have Autobot badging on it
Looks like an auto trans 'P' in there... but that wouldn't be right....

Honda NSX

Not much really needs to be said about the NSX concept that hasn’t already, I am however interested to see whether the final production model looks even remotely similar to this.

Not that I could afford one of course.

I worry the lights will be first on the chopping block for the production model
Lower it. (Front especially)
Soon after this photo the guy in the back there covered the car back up

Jaguar CX-16

Of the concepts I saw on Thursday the one that impressed me the most was the Jaguar CX-16. I had no idea it was going to be there (largely due to me not paying attention to Jaguar in the 2000 Ford years) and in person this car is pretty spectacular.

Good on Jaguar for promising to release this soon.

Jaguar states it has perfect 50/50 weight distribution
A 3.0 Tubro v6 sits up front that makes 380hp

Moving on now from the concept cars to the production cars.


This is the only thing that interested me in the Suzuki booth
Good thing to notice though..


The platform the BRZ was on was rotating way too fast
At least I got photos of one of the Toybarus

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep

As a big fan of the original Jeep SRT8 I am a little disappointed with the 2012 model... it looks sedated
Shame a license plate has to be put on the front of this in Canada
JK8 Wrangler


ST Focus =/= UK Focus RS 🙁
Hopefully Ford strengthened the frames on the new Raptor...


One mean looking bowtie
There was a lot of radio advertisement for this Foose Cruze charity car
Sonic Z- Spec
Brembros, BBS wheels, and a snail underhood? Not bad Chevy, not bad at all
Hotwheels leading the way... with a little help from Chevy


K-Pax Racing C30
Went from stock to race car in 4 weeks
Driver Aaron Povoledo is signing autographs at the show


I could see all of these wheels lookin' good on some dubs...
Audi had this cool case full of revolving scale cars
Audi Union Type C... step up from Power Wheels
Not fully sold on the spoiler
The mighty R8
I have yet to pilot a car with a gated shifter...


Honda Canada / Performance Auto And Sound Remix 2.0 project
Sitting on 20" Vossens this Accords got a supercharger under the hood, someone just needs to wind the BCs coils down
More used to seeing these in Toronto in the summer
A bit of a tease sitting still

Nissan and Infiniti

After looking at the BRZ the GTR looks HUGE
As always I like it when manufacturers cater to the enthusiasts at any level
As soon as I saw this I spent the rest of my time in the Infiniti booth shooting it...
Magnificent piece of machinery
Rebull and their wings
Controller for the best video game ever

I might be going back to the show before it closes to see a couple more things, if I do anything you think I should get a shot of?


  1. Infinity is only a sponsor though, they engines are supplied by Renault, the car has Vettel’s name on it, I wonder if has been used by him in any races.

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