Theme Tuesdays: E30s Part II


I can’t believe I have only done one e30 Theme Tuesday prior to this. As a former owner and current member of a number of  BMW/E30 forums this is down right shameful.

Not to mention that the the e30 is such a classic and versatile chassis, they look great dumped and kitted on low offset wheels, but also respond great to functional modifications when let loose on the track.

Lets have a look at some from both camps function and form.

Diving boards

Say what you will about these bumpers I think if you know what you are doing you can pull them off. The early chassis also has the larger rear arch to it’s benefit as well.

Of course I am impartial… 😉

Diving boards are all about how you work em
This could be an owners manual shot
Early rear arches FTW
Type A's look the best flat capped, or no cap at all, don't like the other caps much
Love everything about this.
This car might be my new favorite early drop
This car is quite a few years old now, can't remember how he did it, but it's real copper

Non diving board equipped

Of course I have nothing against the later models either…

17 inch Alpinas look great on this sedan
Mtech II on a unique set of BBS wheels
Great pair, actually epic pair. Mtech I or II take your pick
Rob's e30
Ben's Touring is sick, thanks for adding it to the fanpage
Simple and clean 5 lugged swapped coupe


Never underestimate an e30 on the track.

Chris at one of the last drift events of the year
More early model love
Hunting in packs
Well that is one what course
Posted this before? Perhaps...
That front fender has sure got a lot of pull
All the reasons I sold this car seem trivial now
and I will end things off with something I could have posted last week...


  1. I actually like the “diving board” look, in fact, I’d like it even more if the bumpers were smoothed and fit flush to the body. I really like that first E30 on black Basset steelies.

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