Built for a purpose


This car is easily one of my favorite EG’s in the area. I followed the initial build closely on jdmrides.ca (actually the main reason I joined the site) and have continued to watch the car evolve from daily driver/track car to track car/daily driver as the years have gone by.

Over the winter Spenser plans to do even more function oriented work to the car so that next year it’s even more of a contender out on the Shannonville Track.

Ready for business
While the J's wing isn't for everyone it is functional on the track
Rolling shots ftw

If you are wondering why he has Kosei K-1s up front but not in the rear it’s because the way the car is set up know handles better than if it was setup to fit the K-1s and since both sets of wheels are light he decided to rock that.

Photo credits:
Heimond Ching
and Chris Johnston


  1. that has to be one of my personal favorate rides youve ever put on here dave sick looking and sick driving i personaly love the wing its the perft form for a hach im going to have to do somthing simalar to my mini and b4 you start snigering i shal be rock b16 power but first i need to find a decent base to start with wich is prooving harder than i thought

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