Who’s got more balls?


Rally racing is one hell of an automotive sport. Elevation and road surface changes are par for the course and when combined with unpredictable weather, driver fatigue, blind corners, and lots of horsepower you are left with an spectacular participant and spectator sport.

However you are also left with a question:
Who’s got more balls?
The drivers running the course, or the spectators on the course?

Is a great shot worth no legs? Hmmm

and because this subject needs video evidence:
(specifically at about 1:53)


  1. Four statements “Monte Carlo rally” “heavy snow” “no recovery team” and ‘1950-60’s”. Rally drivers used to get no sleep, have to sit in tiny cabins, not kill their co-drivers, and deal with horrible cold starts. Rally drivers have more balls.

  2. LOL ‘and not kill their co drivers’

    Having been around lots of out of control automobiles I can say I wouldn’t be as close as Rally fans, but ya you guys are right its probably more a balls to dumb ratio than anything else.

    I guess taking a 600 hp car and pointing it at a crowd of living things not giving a crap takes balls too lol.

  3. love rally and rally cross i grew up with it i remember when i was a kid i remember riding in my dads escorts and his renult 12 gordini rally with forever efet my style and taste

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