Guest Coverage: Cruise To The Quarry 2012


Last Saturday some of the local minitruck community got together for a cruise in at Gulliver’s Lake Park hear in Ontario.

I wasn’t a show but Facebook altered me that there were a bunch of cool handmade awards for things like furthest travelled, lowest roof (limbo), best van, longest daily driver on the road etc.

Of course the real reason behind the event wasn’t the awards, it was  just an excuse to get together and I had every intention of attending but every time I set foot outside my door it started to rain so I ended up staying in.

Unlike myself Jeff Kerr of JK Photography isn’t made of sugar and went to the event and brought back this awesome coverage.

One of several cool trophies for the cruise
Rad looking Toy
This truck is unbelievably clean
Fallen Fantasy
At the beginning of the season it sound like James was ready to kill several bodyshops
Looks like it all worked out though, never seen the Rover tail light swap before
Always sort of wondered what wheels like this weigh but I guess it doesn’t really matter as no one is going to track with them
Second Gen that is indeed lower than I
Love it though
If I am not mistaken this truck was on Kijiji for awhile, good to see it eneded up in good hands
Another nice looking Mazda
Closer look at the paintwork
Plate is accurate
Steve’s hammerd GMC
Gary’s awesome Ranger
Awesome shot Jeff
I heard he nearly dragged his roll pan completely off at 2012 TNT Expo looks like he got it fixed
Still need to see this in person
Bronc Obama’s stance on pedophiles
This truck is awesome
Striping continues onto the inside… alarm clock is a little random
This > bicycles on rack

My apologies to the local truck community for missing basically every event so far this year, hopefully next year I won’t be so bad 😛

Thanks to Jeff for picking up my slack though, the rest of Jeff’s photos can be seen here on his flickr account.


  1. I just realized why I lost interest in the street truck scene so many years ago… every time I see pics of these trucks I think that almost nothing has changed since then.

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