Winter Wednesdays: A new winter begins


The last Winter Wednesday was in March 2010 which was quite some time of ago, so long in fact that some of you may not even know what Winter Wednesdays around here are.

The concept is simple on any Wednesday within a 7 day span of snow accumulation in the Mississauga/Toronto area of Ontario, Canada I will post up a lowered car in the snow.

The snow fall this week was pretty sparse so here is a picture of a Golf and a Jetta sitting on top of a moderate dusting of snow.

Judging by the coverage I would say the Jetta sees more winter use

If you would like to contribute to Winter Wednesdays feel free to send your photos in to [email protected] or add them to the facebook fan page.


  1. i love it. I drove my jetta slammed with spaced out aristos just like that one all winter 2 years ago. I even got stuck on a plowed street one time

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