Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ the sparks fly


One of the hardest things I have ever tried to do is explain to friends and co workers who are not really into cars is why exactly I, and people like me, enjoy seeing a low vehicle leave a trail of sparks in it’s wake while traveling at high speed.

Of course to a lot of rational people this act is counter productive and downright dangerous and that’s probably why I like it.

Life is short right?

Perhaps one of the most famous dragging pics around
I figure there would be hell to pay if I left out Rusty
Been awhile since I have checked what's up with the slamburglars
Another from the first pictures with attitude Theme Tuesday
I like a lot of what's going on with this truck, sparks are just a bonus
It's been awhile since I have been in a truck while dragging, someone take me for a cruise
In a perfect world this would have eventually been me
Rob's Burban from the last readers rides
O.G. Lowrider family laying it down
Lower quality pic than I would normally run but god damn
I need more lowrider meets in my life, should be fixing that soon
Another angle still dope
Benz shootin
End things off with the photo that inspired this, my friend Matt dragging his Ranger

I am in desperate need of more pics of cars/trucks throwing sparks so if you know where I can find them let me know 🙂


  1. i am sure the mini trucker’s in ONT. can give u lots more. They love 2 drag. Well some of them u know what i am saying LOL SWEET

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