Theme Tuesdays: Gen 2 (DA5-DA9) Acura Integras


Am I wrong in thinking that in 2019 second generation Acura Integras are darn near an endangered species? Like most imports of that era street racing, poor modification choices, salt, or any combination of the tree all but whipped the cars off the streets of North America.

Seeing one plated and on the road today is much like seeing a DoDo. So, you can imagine my surprise when I spotted one yesterday, idling peacefully in front of a local convenience store. The un-maned –there was CLUB on it– car was well-worn, but even under salt and rust it had an appeal.

Eclipsed by the DC that followed the DA/5-5/9 was a welcome change from the generation previous.

The last DA I saw in the wild before the car mentioned in the intro was the one above. Again this car showed some of its age but was a tidy sleep going example none the less.

Prior to that I had the pleasure of drooling over this model on Kosei K1s at CSCS last year.

Just a few years before that car, this K swapped DA showed up to Spring Fever. Fit with a S2000 dash this car is absolutely phenomenal.

These three spots may seem like a decent amount of local spots, but bear in mind that’s over nearly 10 years of living automotive enthusiasm almost daily.

Even if I throw in this big turbo example from SEMA 2014 we’re only up to four. Less than one every two years.

All you guys out warmer states taking these cars for granted please bring them out. Those of us who don’t have access anymore need to live vicariously through you.

Thankfully there’s always the internet, which is where I found the stunning examples below.

This car was featured in a classic Bridgestone ad
Wire wheels and clear tails are not for everyone, but damn I dig this – Photo: wata23wwwww
If these are the Alpina Kopis I think they are, they look really good on an Integra and not an e30  – Photo: integramen_otaku
Clear tails were a staple DA mod in the day – Photo: Adam Ivell
The DA is one of a few cars where I honestly have no strong preference one way or another, four door or two Photo: DYHMA
96 or 2019 this car could fit in either era – Photo: you_uncre
Yellow cars can be hit or miss but this is a hit Photo: Micheal Evans


  1. My brothers 2nd gen has been sitting in the garage under a cover for almost 10 years, LS v-tec swap, tein coilovers, monkey bars all through the inside, and a ton of other stuff done to it. was still in the break in period when the guy who was supposed to tune it died. Parked it and pretty much gave up. Says hes going to sell it but he doesnt want to deal with dumb people

    • Really late reply, but was this car black with GSR blades and a missing windshield. A DA like that with a built LS-V that also had been sitting forever recently came up for sale.

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