Theme Tuesdays: BMW 2002s


Two BMW Theme Tuesdays in a row might be a little redundant for the non BMW fans but this is the post I was going to run last week before Rusty (sadly) died in a fire so I didn’t really want to shelve it any longer and I forget all about it.

The first time I opened a thread with a 2002 in it I was shocked because I was expecting a 2002 (year) BMW but what I found inside was much, much cooler.

I like to think of these cars as the euro Datsun 510 and ff nothing else they both share similar rust problems. It’s crazy how much of a headache chemical reactions can be to preserving awesome cars…

2002 from Performance World
Simple and clean, killer color too
A little rough around the edges but off to an amazing start
...and I don't even really like Yellow cars
To quote Don Cherry 'It's a Beauty!'
If you don't like this... I dunno.
Probably more fg panels than original at this point
Set up to party
Picture perfect
Again if you don't like this...
Some say 17s are too big for the 2002. I disagree
Another tt
Vintage BMWs sideways never fail to draw my attention
I think this one is factory correct
On point
Oh so great
Now I want a slot car track, bad.
I've seen a couple 2002 drag cars now that I think about it
Little bit of lift
The most viewed 2002 image on the internet?

Oh and for good measure some moving pictures of a pretty sick one that was on fat lace



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