Event Coverage: Droptec Show & Shine 2011


This past Sunday I got to do two things I have never done before. Check out local custom car shop Droptec, and cover/attend a car show while it was snowing.

While I don’t really want to cover show another again while it’s snowing I wouldn’t mind attending another Droptec shindig.

The vibe at the event was incredibly positive (even with the -3 weather) and you could really tell the entire operation is a family, and close friend operated affair.

The weather meant a few people and cars came and went, but for the most part the show consisted of a very dedicated group of Droptec supporters who toughed it out for the entirety of the event.

Many, like myself stayed inside and shot the breeze in the shop near the awesome home cooked food which made the atmosphere really reminiscent of a family cook out, and makes me look forward to more BBQ based events in the summer.

Random Stuff

Overview of some of the field
And another shot from the rear
This chicken was seriously delicious
Some of the awards up for grabs that day
If you are having trouble making that out it says 'Real men drive lowered Hondas'


Last time I saw this stang it was silver and pink, this car and the one behind it are show regulars.
This guy has had his summers on for at least a month now, brave!
This super charged Mustang sounded fantastic
Didn't expect to see a Mavrick at this show at all
Drum brakes in the front, that is OG
Makes me want to see more classics this summer though


Hmmm.... not sure if finished...
Matt's Matrix
Clean RHD Supra


Steven's car is on Droptec modified suspension and seriously dumped
Very few other 3s, if any, tuck RX-8s this hard
Quick comparison
This car surprised me, can not recall ever seeing it before
I don't know the specs on these XXRs but someone mentioned 0 offset and I would guess 8 width
JDM front bumper is a unique touch
Looks like the fenders got a fair deal of massaging


The owner of this BMW was a female and she took home some hardware
She is part of the Lick Your Lips team
Flush teammates
Go wide
I'll throw the link to this cars build in the comments, worth checking out


A new addition to the Toronto VIP family?
Got to talk to the owner of the IS300 in the foreground for awhile, nice guy
A lot of body pieces recently came out of the shop for this project
All came together very well
Another nice IS300 rocking the Nextmod banner
Sic had a Mighty Dwarf speaker on him at the show, look it up they are crazy. Of course this has nothing to do with his car.
He got his tire situation sorted out and it's now all good, bead no longer pops off


Sportmaxxed hatch
If I remember right this car is on air, or at least some sort of dynamic suspension
This boosted EL gets around too


If this is who I think it is his last car had purple and wood grain as well...
R35 bumper on a G35
This car has changed a lot since I last saw it drifting at CSCS
Most people don't paint their Brembros to match their wheels but this guy isn't most people
Sam's new setup is already picking him up awards
Later in the day he had giant puddles in the lips of his wheels, worth it though picked up best stance

Big thanks to Neal, his wife, and the entire staff for inviting me out to the show and showing me some of that Trini hospitality.


  1. the slammed protege is my good friend Ejaz he is on droptec custom setup done by neal obviously. matt’s matrix i saw earlier in the week heading up dixie road at bovaird. maybe he spotted me in a lowered escort wagon with white front bumper turning left onto bovaird. wish i coulda made it out to the show. wanted to meet the man behind this incredible site. but i was putting a motor into a buddies car so he can get himself to work and his son to daycare. maybe the next droptec show i’ll come out and go for lowest in class.

    great work love all the cars


  2. That would be my car.

    Rear is 16×8 +0
    Front is 16×7 +25

    Custom Suspension by Neal @ Droptec Suspension
    and Body work by Rockey @ RF Auto.

    Pics look awesome. Thanks

  3. pics looks great!!!

    thats right the LOWERED E36 with pink rims is female owner.
    it was my first show and brought home 2 hardware

  4. thinking about puttin my car on air ride and cutting the inner fenders(engine bay side) out so i can lay frame. i hope i get out to a few shows this year because personally i think i’d be a good contender for lowest ride

  5. haha yeah dude my red civic is on air! good memory! easystreet full dampening adjustable coilovers! I love making it into stance is everything!!

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