Theme Tuesdays: 1.8T Motors In Everything


K-swaps, J-swaps, F-swaps, there’s been Theme Tuesday posts on all of them. I’ve done VR6 swaps and even sr20 swaps. One motor I have not done to date however is the Volkswagen 1.8t.

The 1.8t motor didn’t exactly set the world on fire when they were first released, but near the end of their run they put out just over 200 horsepower. Admittedly even still that isn’t a ton of jam. But the motor was offered in a ton of different vehicles.

From hatchback models to wagons Volkswagen wasn’t afraid of using, and reusing their little turbo four. This means there are plenty in scrap yards around the world.

In addition to being readily available they are not all that bad to maintain, and take to turbo modifications very well. Cheap, plentiful, and mod friendly? Sounds like a great swap candidate to me.

Back in 2013, the only time I’ve been to h2o, I spotted this 1.8t e30 at one of the many parking lot meets
If I’m not mistaken the owner of this was actually a streetable drift car
This car is now in the possession of Mike from GT Custom Exhaust.
As you can tell the motor is quite popular among e30 owners
One day I really ought to make it back to Eurokracy…
Remember this FB? It was first posted on the site in 2012 or so.
It’s had a Volkswagen heart for a few years now at this point, it’s one of the more unique 1.8t swaps around.

A Lotus Europa is the last vehicle I expected to find a 1.8t in
But the proof is in the pudding, as they say, you can read more about this car at Engine Swap Depot
Project Dubin, a 1.8t powered rock crawler is one 1.8t swapped vehicle I would have loved to post more photos but Photobucket made that miserable. So here’s a link to a build thread instead.

And to go along with that here’s a quick first start video.

Are you doing a 1.8t swap yourself or know of someone who is? Let me know in the comments below.

I feel like this motor is going to become one of many affordable go tos for projects around the globe.


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