Theme Tuesdays: K Swaps


The K20 has –at least to a Honda outsider like myself– quickly become one of the most popular Honda motors for swapping not only into other Hondas, but any car that could use a high revving four-cylinder motor.

In North America the K Series motor gained notoriety on the Acura RSX Type S. However they are also available in Civics SIs, TSX, and Accords making anywhere from 150hp to 200hp stock depending on donor vehicle and trim.

Due to the motors increasing popularity a number or resources have become available for the ambitious k swapper. This means that currently all bets are off when it comes to where the k motor might end up.

Today the motor is perhaps as popular as the f20 when it comes to versatility.

This is still one of my favorite K swapped vehicles.
I think this car went through a rebuild shortly after this (I’m sure you noticed the rust around the strut towers) but I can’t remember the owners social info to look it up – Photos via The Scraped Crusaders
Finding running video of this Volkswagen took a bit of digging but it is below

1/4 mile addicted Volkswagen owners are also partaking in k swaps

This turbo k swapped EF is from the same shop that did the turbo B series, rear wheel drive, Accord that was at this year’s Motorama show
This K20, awd, mini was a real kick in the pants for this long overdue Theme Tuesday
The motor install is naturally as clean as the rest of the car
Francesco ditched the d he had in this car last year for a K
Javed’s EL is also k swapped, though with how often he changes his car I wouldn’t be surprised if something else popped under hood soon

I geeked over this car last year at Motorama simply because DA Integras are super, super rare to see at shows around here these days
This was the first K swapped Mazda I ever saw, and turbo to boot. Via Superstreet
As it turns out, there are at least two turbo K swapped FDs
Build photos of this project can be found on BYP Racings Facebook Page

I learned yesterday that K swapped Miatas are indeed a thing, and kits can be purchased from

Even if this car didn’t have a K under the hood I would have probably found a reason to post it via Brandon Deuster Photography
Of course true to this week’s Theme the car is powered by a supercharged k20. It is owned by @samakahn
Another Super Street entry
This 72 is unsuspecting from the outside but as you can tell by the engine bay shot above, it packs a punch

Almost as though it was fate, someone is currently swapping a K series into a Fiero, which is just the type of random stuff I like to showcase in these Theme Tuesdays.

And obviously I have to include the 900(!!) hp k swapped Toyota MR2 – Build Thread Part 1 and Part Two

The same motor is now in an NSX and, as expected, beating up on all sorts of challengers

Do you have a K project? Let me know in the comments below!

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