WTF Friday: Kicking Horse


Kijiji three-peat this week with go kart sized ’65 Mustang replica. Usually scaled down cars such as this are made of fiberglass and the proportions a little wacky, but wheels and a few other details aside this looks pretty convincing.

A custom effort completed in 2002 this baby ‘stang is hand-built and the builder was clearly meticulous.

Powered by a 5 horsepower motor (which is impressive given its 450lb weight) the diminutive Mustang has all of the visual elements a real Mustang would. Antenna, door handles, side trim, and emblems it’s all there.

It even looks to have legitimate Mustang headlights, which though they give the car a bit of a shocked expression, are a nice touch for authenticity.

The steering wheel looks to be the real deal too, or at least a real 1:1 wheel and over all the interior is no half effort. Carpeted and fully trimmed it even features an AM/FM radio for those long trips at 35mph. There’s no mention of if the gauges work, but I imagine they do given the level of detail gone into the rest of the car.

The car comes with the trailer, and a cover, for a pretty substantial price of $14,995. Unsurprisingly it is still for sale and while I think it’s cool I don’t think it’s near 15k worth of cool. I’ve been wrong before though.


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