Theme Tuesdays: VR6 In Everything


The Volkswagen VR6 is considered by many to be one of the best sounding six cylinder motors ever built. In addition to having distinctive bark the VR6 also has an impressive bite, especially when you throw some boost into the mix.

The only ‘downside’ to the VR6 is its packaging, not everyone who acknowledges the VR6 prowess wants it in a Golf, Beetle, A3 or TT. Of course that can be ‘easily’ solved by yanking the motor from its moorings and dropping it somewhere else.

Much like the Honda K20 and Nissan SR20, the VR6 has started to appear in damn near everything, don’t believe me? Take a look at the examples below.

This is perhaps the oldest swap in this post, and I imagine when the car was first revealed quite a few people were upset
Curiously no further information exists about this car outside of this thread on Vortex
The VR6 Triumph TR6 is, or was, from here in Ontario
It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it so I am actually not sure if it is still around
The swap was quite well done either way
Remember the running “Fix it again Tony” gag for Fiats?
Well Tony did indeed fix it, with a R32 VR6 mounted inline versus transverse – More info can be found here on Facebook

Because VR6 swaps are naturally quite popular among the Volkswagen community I tried to keep this post Volkswagen chassis free, with this and the Beetle following it noteworthy exceptions
Where you would traditional find a motor in this Caddy there’s a fuel tank….
…a VR6 now sits in the rear end – Photo: Vagscene

A VR6 in an aircooled Beetle does not look like an easy feat to pull off – Photo: VWVortex
It looks like its impossible to fit with a deck lid affixed, this makes the result look a little abrupt – Photo: VWVortex
Mickey Garage built this Opel Calibra with not one…
…but two vr6 motors, working together the car puts down 700 horse and runs the quarter-mile in under 9 seconds. – More Info is here on Facebook

I should probably do a Theme Tuesday on older Audis some day…
This particular Audi 80 has a R32 spec VR6 with a Holset HX35 hung off the side, there’s a build thread for the car located here on s2forum

With a paint job like this, you know that this car 930 wasn’t built by a purist
A VR6 with a turbo sits where the original motor would have
If the camo look wasn’t your thing well, the car looks like this these days. Again purists are likely to stay mad but I think it looks incredible. A full build thread is here on Stanceworks

Trevor, with the VR6S14 is who first introduced me to the Ratchet RX-7, a VR6T powered RX-7

Speaking of Trevor, he’s been pretty busy of late…
Though it’s not looking prim and polished the car is back on the streets for the rest of the season after a long time off the road being rebuilt, looking forward to shooting again the next time its finished


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