WTF Friday: 1JZ Third Gen Camaro


In the heyday of message boards the Insane And Unique Motorswap thread on Volkswagen Vortex was the jam, and contributed to many WTF Friday posts.

It more or less fell off about three years ago, but occasionally I get an email notification telling me that it was updated.

The most recent of those email updates contained the engine bay of a fairly down on its luck looking third generation Camaro. That engine bay didn’t contain a 305 TPI or some such paperweight but rather a Toyota 1JZ.

The builder cmm7v3 on vortex, offered little in the way of information about the swap, but, one of his previous threads about his Subaru builds suggests he knows his way around a wrench.

The photo of the car at a gas station also alludes to the fact that the car is indeed driveable. Hopefully he posts some more on this build soon, as I’m pretty sure at this point it is completely one of a kind.

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