Good Style: D1SP Round III


I don’t know a lot about drifting. I could try to sound deeply connected to the scene by claiming I spent my nights as a youth watching Initial D and worshiping Keiichi Tsuchiya but that would be lie.

However I’d like to think that I know cool, and there’s few things cooler than a clean car banging limiter while travelling sideways through a corner at full lock.

That’s what first turned my eye towards drifting and what has kept me interested today.

As drifting became more mainstream its representation changed so noticeably that even as a casual observer I was able to pick up on it.

The demands of creating a seat filling spectator sport meant more angle, and more smoke became mandatory. Corporate sponsors got involved and heavily influenced livery, horsepower numbers increased drastically and angle kits dictated near 4×4 level ride heights.

Pro cars started to visually (pardon the pun) drift further away from street cars.

On the opposite end of the spectrum many new comers started gravitating towards a contorted vision of the missile car. Rear wheel drive heaps were pulled from their graves, spray painted with a few catchy slogans, and slung around tracks with drivers hoping for the best.

Again, the classic street car style that drifting originated from became somewhat harder to find.

D1SP’s mandate is to fix all that, at least here in Ontario. To quote the D1SP Facebook page they are ‘a group of individuals out to change the hole Ontario drifting has dug itself into’.

They’ve stripped back their events to focus on the most important parts of drifting; good cars, good times, good friends, and good style.

D1SP events are not open invite, you must apply to drive and the selection process has three main considerations; a driver’s skill, a driver’s car, and a driver’s personality.

If you have a great personality but your car is wearing the battle scars of a few too many events you’re asked to ‘style up’ for the next round, if you need more seat time other events are suggested to practice at and you’re encouraged to apply again at a later date, if your personality is off-putting well…

A selection process such as this might seem pretentious, or even arrogant, but it’s not. It’s just a way to ensure that the event stays controlled and that the “vibe” stays consistent.

Vibe is an intangible thing, that is hard to explain, but it can make or break an event. When a vibe changes from good to bad it’s extremely hard to course correct.

The vibe at D1SP is just right and worth fiercely protecting.

The best way for me to describe it is, for those of you that currently participate, or did partake in action sports, is like a private trails jam or backyard ramp session with your close friends.

Complete with good music, a BBQ, and even a doggo.

Everyone pushes each other to drive their best, but besides trying to lay down a line similar to that of your friend there’s no formal competition or pressure.

Participants are free to drive as much or as little as they want, and as hard or conservative as they want.

The event takes place at the skid pad because with a few cones the course can be configured any number of ways, and utilized forwards, backwards, with all the clipping zones or without depending on the driver.

Furthermore there’s no worry about unpredictable drivers on the course in front or behind, no delays to pull a car out of the grass, and no fear of track walls.

It also means that spectators are never too far away from the action.

Which is great if you bring a little enthusiast along like I did (Note: this is why most of the photos are shot from a similar angle).

Having only covered competition events the past few years, seeing the cars at D1SP was pretty refreshing.

These were, without a doubt, some of the best looking drift cars in Ontario and they were joined by some darn good looking cars from the US as well.

I know, I know, it seems a bit redundant to drill down on the style factor of this event but what can I say, I’m an aesthetics guy at heart.

Wheel tuck, dish, big kits, some stickers, you know I’m all about that.

Given that a properly wheeled car can be hard to keep presentable I respect the fact that all of these drivers take the time and care to keep their cars as such.

It makes the cars a treat to look at sitting still or going fast.

There isn’t really much more left to say about the event. It was a great time with good people and I’m glad I was able to make it out.

Shout out to all the drivers for making it an enjoyable event to watch, and not running over myself or Ash, and the organizers for extending an open invite.

If D1SP looks like your idea of a good time be sure to keep up to date on their 2018 events via their Facebook page. I plan to make it to at least one again in 2018 so hopefully see you there.

You bring the style, I’ll bring the camera.

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