Theme Tuesdays: Audi A3s


Last night I was sorting through my saved images folder and looking at my ever growing list of half started Theme Tuesday posts when I noticed that I had quite a few a3 photos saved for what I thought would be a part two.

Which would be all well and good except for the fact that I had yet to do part one…

When I start to forget what I’ve posted does this mean I have posted too much?

Anyway after a little more organizing and some time on google here’s a Theme Tuesday dedicated to a car that I wouldn’t mind as my next vehicle.

Warning.. lots of white examples in this post
Sitting Perfect
I have a bit of a love  hate with the kit on this car but at this angle I like it a lot
Contrast to the car above this car has very smooth body work
Pulled this off tumblr… maybe I should get one
The amount of wheel A3s can swallow out back is impressive

I recall reading that the front of this car might not have been notched hence it being a bit higher than the rear

A bit over the top for a daily but still pretty nice

Every iteration of this car has topped the last
The ‘storm trooper’ look is like the murdered out look, some make it look tacky and others make it look great
So dope
Kathrine’s car as for sale for awhile… I think she ended up keeping it
Little… or a lot of function never hurt anyone
Another track preprepared example

I personally hardly see any in this colour

Another in the same colour

Blue isn’t bad either…
Member of a BMX forum I am on, love this car, my second favourite A3 without a doubt
This is my personal favourite

The world needs more turbo wagons, or maybe just I do.


  1. Dave, do you know what kind of wheels are on that 3rd white one, the silver 5 spokes? I can’t quite put my finger on the name…thanks!

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