Theme Tuesdays: BMW E46


After spending a lot of time yesterday working on the Turbo Dodge, turned compact American car Theme Tuesday and not really getting anywhere (but reading a lot of interesting threads about why aggressive fitment is the devil) I decided to take a break and bounce around some forums and blogs.

Doing this I found out that one of my favorite e46s is being parted out and sold, so I set out to find a new favorite, along the way I encountered the ones below plus many more for a follow up down the road.

These first six or so I have had for a bit
Clean example from one of Night Imports many event coverage sets
Local car, though I have not seen or heard of it in awhile
About time I posted it though
This cars been through tons of wheels
Sunday drive steez
Blue on white seems to be somewhat of a reoccurring theme with e46s
This car looks completely different this year, I still dig last years look though
Two for one image
I have always sort of liked Boser hoods on e46s sometimes I feel like I am a minority with that though
Probably should have saved this for a convertible Theme Tues
Black suit, gold cuff links
Now I have the Cruisn' USA game music stuck in my head, not really this cars fault
Not a care in the world
Tourings are going to get their own post soon, but here is a taste...


  1. I love the Black Suite, Gold Cufflinks caption…fav of all time 😉

    and funny how the passengers of the tracked e46 have helmets, but not the driver lol

  2. “I have always sort of liked Boser hoods on e46s sometimes I feel like I am a minority with that though”

    nope i stopped scrolling down the page went back up to read the picture because it caught my attention.. I love the look… also the black one… “Damn” i agree 100% because that is what i said before i read the caption

  3. I’m just assuming for some reason that the moving shot is on the Nurburgring, but MY GAWD THAT SHOT IS EPIC.

    Loving this theme tuesday 😉 I’ve gotta have a beemer in my life at some point!

  4. phil@ actualy euro plates for the moast part all look the same these days bar the letters in the side box that denote the country of origen so actualy the whole euro plate thing is quite apt

    m3 soft top pfffff

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