Event Coverage: S&P June 19th 2011: Part 2


Back with the final set of photos from the June 19th Stretch and Poke event (aka ‘The Stakes is High’). Today’s coverage is quite simply everything I didn’t post in part 1. Looking back I wish I shot a little more but as always hindsight is 20/20 and talking with people is easier than taking photos.

Not too fussed though I will see these cars again soon and I think the next S&P event at Downsview Park I will raid Lyndsey’s lens stash to switch up the look of the photos a little bit.

Anyway enough talk, more photos!


Missed these three from part 1. Funny enough the first two both live in the neighborhood I grew up in and I saw these cars a lot at an impressionable age which makes them a big influence on why this site exists today.

Sharad from SK Performance was out in his wife's car and I grabbed an LED kit from him that was a really good investment on my part
Check out that camber, tire shops live Sic
Sic Ryde unexpectedly showed up with a trunk full of chicken, I was hungry so this was perfect
Samson from GB Tires leading his crew in


Drift Posse gettin' a little love on the lip there
I know a guy who wanted Advan gold from a powder coater and it came out cardboard beige
Skyline I have never seen before
Seeing this car coming straight at you then turn is crazy, because it really emphasizes the dish on those works
Exhaust/trash receptacle?


This car was recently featured on Stance Nation and is just as clean in person as it looks in pictures
The TE37 SL's are a nice switch up on a modern classic
This is dedication.


Tidy WRB wagon
This car is beautiful in person, hats off once again to Chris
It's just well done all around and exactly the type of car I would drive
Another winner in rally blue (...I know clever caption right? Ha)
This car puts down 400 hp and looks good doing so
God I love BBS LMs
If I could afford it one of these would be my next car, the money tree just refuses to grow though


CHOPSHOP dominated a lot of the Euro presence at this meet.

Basically everyone loves Drew's e30
Purple drank wheels
Aidan gave this guy a heads up when out at the movies, great to see new people out
This car sits nice aired out and he doesn't drive much higher than this
More Chop Shop
Perhaps the first time I have seen this car in person, I thought it was a unicorn for awhile
VW Caddy full of attitude
Manny likes this Mexican lowrider


I guess the price of Supras has fallen a little bit more because they seem to be popping up more often at meets. That or a container full of them just arrived, either way I’m stoked to see ’em.

This one was closed up so no telling what was under the hood
But this one was opened up to reveal...
a large single turbo setup

Since posting my last set of photos it’s come to my attention that the actions of some people at the meet have put the venue in a little bit of jeoprdy because the management is not happy.

Personally I like this venue and I enjoy these meets so if you happen to know some of the people flexing their horsepower at the meets just give them a heads up that their actions were noted and are not encouraged.

The next Stretch & Poke meet is at Import Expo which I am not 100% sure if I am going to enter or not (my car is not a show car) but I will be covering it.


  1. Dave,

    Great Shot ! Didn’t know you got that, plus i thought i did’t make the cut! Almost had to order new wheels! LOL

    btw… RYDE not “ride” 🙂

    great coverage… and save and feed the world one day at a time!



  2. Nice coverage on the show. Looks like you’ve gotten the cream of the crop. 🙂

    …I’m just drooling over the TE37’s on that Subby though.

  3. Nice pics and cars as usual.

    Do any of these events happen in the UK?? I am dying to attend one of these! Got myself an E36 ‘vert and would really like to sort out its stance.

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