Theme Tuesdays: E36tis


It took a long time, probably about 8 years in fact, for the e36ti (or e36 compact depending on where you’re from) to grow on me.

Initially I couldn’t get over the abrupt end of the car after the D pillar but as time went on, and new car designs did even less for me, I began to appreciate BMW’s quirky little hatch back.

Today I show some appreciation to BMW for thinking outside the standard trunk box, and the owners below for opting for the somewhat less than common car.

Bryan’s TI from a mini feature a few years back
Felgen Garage is such a trip down memory lane these days. I should just do a Theme Tuesday on cars from there.
This isn’t a Felgen car but if gives off that same era vibe
The cage in this car suggests this car just might be quick



These are actually all the same car and the owner has a pretty extensive build thread up on Stance Works he’s really taking his time with it and it should be pretty awesome once it is done


Is it just me or do TI’s not suffer from the visual reverse rake problems sedans and coupes do?
Not sure if Dominic, from Dominant Engineering, still has this ti which he has switched up a few times
Looks great both on the track


..and off
Going to end things off with this ti that has a fairly unique, Japanese Drift influenced, style
The aesthetic isn’t just for looks, he drives the car hard too
JamieRollsMedia took this pretty rad snap of it


  1. cool theme, really like the wing on dominic’s ti, it changes the lines of the car for the better imo.

    i’ve got a german car mag somewhere from when these were brand new and some german tuner was the first to put an m3 front bumper on a compact with the m3 engine in it to boot.

    felgen-garage brings back memories for me too, their demo and customer cars and fitment where always on point.
    i lusted after a set of rebuilt 3 piece hartge rims in e30 fitment they had for sale on the site for quite some time, but there was no way i could fit those offsets under my civic…

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