Event Coverage: CSCS Opener 2011: Pt 2


Finally managed to make it to the end of my photo stack from last weekends double header. Including this post I have uploaded over 100 photos in the last four days.

As much as I love going to events, hanging out, and documenting sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit down and edit the photos I take.

This problem becomes more apparent when it’s nice outside & work is kicking my ass. However the show must go on so here are the pictures from the CSCS opener show and shine.


As usual Nextmod is doing a tour of all the major events with CSCS being one of the first stops.

Everytime I was by the NM area I was blinded by the refliction of all the white cars
Sniped a shot from the drag stands
Couple new mods added to this car since I saw it at S&P

Focal Point Concepts

FPC is the perfect example of a group of friends who happen to just all love cars.

Crew deep
Spensers hatch on it's new 5 bolt suspension
This car took home a well deserved best graphics
I see this car randomly all over the place

Nine-O-Five Rides

I’ll be hanging with the Nine-O-Five Rides crew at the end of the month at their Niagra Tuner & Truck Expo Sunday June 26th.

Erik out in the beater
Nine 0 Five Rides Soarer
Erik's roomate has a nicely done low Subaru
This swap should look familiar from a few weeks ago


Lip on a flipped lip. Different.
This trucks paint does all sorts of cool things in the sun
James parked out front of the Meguairs booth
S10s sticking together
Not sure about driving with that shifter but it brings the theme together


Interesting wheel choice on this 300zx
Clean as hell
The colors on this car compliment it well so I keep taking pics of it
Santi's car lurkin' in the infield
This picture doesn't really do it justice but Sam's car has a nice subtle gold flake over the black now
He has also added a min ibar to his trunk
and has also added a new dash table

Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Lexus

Graphiti took care of the wrap on this car. Lots of wraps in 2011
First time I have seen this RX-7 outdoors, wonder if it drove in
Thanks to you guys I now know this is an AZ-1
3 Cyl ftw?
I've always like the white Lexus uses
Although it just got out of the paint shop with a new front Andrew says it is mid make over
The rear is going to get a bit fatter in the weeks to come


Well that's one reason to bag your ride
Miss Vtec
KJohn has gone for a more in your face look this year
Saw this hatch while I was up in the grand stands too
I have been running into Adam every 4 or 5 days either at a show or at the skate park
I've been following the build on this car, got a chance to meet the owner nice guy
An angle grinder, some clear coat and some creativity created this look
Really like the color of this first hatch, and always dig the one in the back
Accord on Work VS-XX
Boosted S2k...
V6 Powered Civic under new ownership with some new mods
I am sure none of you have forgot this car


Golf showing off some awards
Clean and simple GLI
Sebastian's worked over e46 showing with Division R
Bass rattlin' like to midgets in the trunk wrasslin
Sick looking Jetta laid out near the front of the show and shine

That’s it for CSCS this time around, see you at round 2 July 17th at Mosport.

Also Chris and I from CSCS are going to be bouncing some ideas off each other for some give a ways so keep an eye out for those!


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