WTF Friday: ETU


I’ll be honest with you I had a completely different set of WTF Friday photos to post today and I wasn’t planning on doing a guessing game for a few weeks but that all went out the door when I saw this creation Sic Ryde spotted on one of his many missions through the the streets of Ontario.

If you can correctly identify and prove what the heck this truck started as then I will send you an equally mysterious sticker pack made up of Stance Is Everything stickers and stickers from sponsors and friends.

Bragging rights go to whoever can identify where this car also took a number of parts from.

Looks like a Dodge Avenger mixed up in there, and Ford Focus vents?
I won't even begin to speculate where the rear came from
Ah Testerossa style sides..

Photo credit: Sic Ryde

Site Updates

Taking a break from covering car shows this weekend, I’m sure there are some going on but tomorrow I get to spend the day waiting around for the satellite guy (probably catch up on some work I need to do in the garage) and Sunday we (by we I mean Lyndsey) is doing a photo shoot of one of my favorite Subarus.

The Relay For Life Fundraiser is going well, last I checked we just broke the $100 milestone which is awesome! For those of you who have yet to purchase the event is next Friday so there is still lots of time to get your donation in. If you would like to support a good cause and get a sticker please head over to the ‘Relay For Life Fundraiser‘ section of the store.

While you are at the store also check out the 2.0 version of the classic ‘I like em dropped’ sticker which is now available, a bit more expensive than the previous version because I have to use large sized envelopes.

Flashback Friday

I was thinking about this Boso box the other day, does anyone know what happened to it? Is it still around?

Any update would be good 🙂

Friday could not have come any sooner…


    • Someone else has mentioned a caddy (where the pics were originally), I should say I have no idea what it is so that is why you have to prove it lol.

  1. that truck was what looks like an s10 compleatly re designed with talon globey headlamps.

    either way not to be a downer but it looks like a pos

  2. My friend Lloyd bought the wheels from that xb. They are ronals 15×13 -96 offset in the rear. We couldn’t get them to fit on his cressida

  3. The truck is a jeep Comanche look at the wind shield shape, the lines on the door, the piece that splits the window and how high the wipers are. The Comanche is a pickup Cherokee

  4. It’s funny how that truck is made fun of but that xb is propped out. There is a better way to pull off the bozoku style and that’s not it. If anything respect how clean and how much work went into that truck. It wasn’t easy. At least he came with his own style rather than copying smothers.

  5. @Blackout the Boso Box with me was more curiosity to see how far that guy takes it. I guess it’s not far off from this truck at all you are right.

    Turns out this vehicle has flipped hands a few times here in Ontario and is indeed a VW. Neat. I’ll email the first 3 that said VW.

  6. I think it’s a ford blazer, with a front lights and front bumper from the Dodge Avenger, Subaru front fender, Ferrari F40 rear side style to the wings, maybe a Nissan skyline tail lights, and a Gallardo style side mirrors? Well, that’s what I thought..

  7. I’m going to say BS on the VW without further evidence. My reason is the rear of the door glass matches the door gap. I’m guessing it is an even 1.5″ to 2″ panel there while all the VW’s I’ve seen have a tapered panel. Thin at the top and wide at the bottom. However, it does have the correct vent window, (front of the door glass).

  8. The truck that that abomination started as is a early to mid eighties toyota standard cab long bed. Those truxarosa kits sucked back then and still do. If you could pass a message along to its owner anybody, let him know that mini truck dismantlers in california could have gotten him a new bed to fix his rust prone one for much less than what he wasted on all that glass.

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