Sky high


You probably remember the photo shoot I posted not all that long ago of a very, very, clean 240sx that had a Soarer hiding in the shadows.

Well the twoLITREmedia facebook page alerted me that Emilio recently finished up a full photo shoot of that car and in typical twoLITRE fashion the photos came out awesome and are worth checking out.

Clean car, clean stance, clean photos, anything else you could ask for?

Well the keys I guess 😛

As much as I like the lighting in this shot...
I think I like the lighting in this even more
I've liked this car since I saw it at DMCC last year, very clean
Props to the owner for knowing when to say when with this car
More engine bay shots to be found in the full set

The full set can be found here.

Photo credit: TWOLITRE Media / Emilio Ciccarelli


  1. This is my homie Chris’s car. He previously had a super nice s13 hatch that I put up on my blog a couple times waaaay back in the day.

    Big tings boy!

  2. Yea he took some nice pics of my Soarer. Watch for a new shoot in the daytime, big ups to TwoLiter media for these shots. Was two hours of playing around in the dark to get them right.

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