No zipties in sight


This is probably the cleanest 240sx I have posted in a long, long time. While I’ve got nothing against cars that get used on the track and wear their battle scars with pride its also always nice to see a car that’s super clean with no panel damage or zip ties keeping the body pieces on.

This one was shot my Emilio at TWOLITREmedia and as soon as I saw the set I asked permission to re-post them because I love both the photos and the car.

I've still never been able to find a street I could do this on
This right here is how you do a car proper
The entire car just comes together excellent
and Emilio really nailed it with the locations
Rollin' shots are always appreciated
I would love to get a look at the rear clearance of this car up close... looks within millimeters
The next car in Emilio's viewfinder

Might be the cleanest Nissan I have posted since this one.

Photo Credit: TWOLITREmedia


  1. Very nice, though I’m horribly biased towards kouki tail lights on 180SX’s. ^_^;;;;

    Mine will be clean like this one, not the drifter everyone expects. She’s old and deserves to be pretty and lead a relaxing life. 🙂 (Still hoping for big strides by next summer…. Keeping my plans hush-hush other than that. ;))

  2. is it me or does that front bumper look abit IROK’ish lol but all jokes aside tiz 1 squeeky clean sx!

  3. HAHAHA it turns out the iroc z turbo nere me has an after market front bumper only one ive ever seen its imported EGG FACE ME

  4. Wow that 240 looks good, anybody know the specs on the wheels and tires? I would love mine to turn out that perfect!?!?!

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