Red paint, white letters


Red paint and white letters, I am a big fan of this look right now as probably gathered from last weeks Corrado.

RWB cars are always visually incredible, and it’s no secret they have the matte colored car game on lock but this one proves that the same aesthetic can look great with a little gloss.

Pretty sure a periwinkle RAUH-Welt car would still look great…

You know I never noticed RWB branding on seats before this car
RWB wings are always awesome
Barley enough space on those tires for the white lettering

Spotted on Farm of minds.


  1. this has been my phones wallpaper for a few weeks now … my GF wasnt impressed when i changed it from a picture of her!

  2. There’s a feature on Rauh Welt in the current issue of Heavy Hitters. Not even sure they sell it in Canada, I see it on newsstands in the US.

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