Super clean 180sx


As the 2010 GTA event season comes to a close you are going to start seeing a lot of cars that have been on my hard drive for the past few months,  today I’ve got a super clean Nissan 180sx.

It’s pretty rare to see one this clean since a great number of them end up in the hands of drifters, and while it’s never bad to see a car used and abused on the track, it’s also nice to see one that the owner has kept spit shined.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw one this clean and straight forward.

Clean paint and straight body
Super clean interior and loving the screen placement
Not slammed, but not sky scraping either
Low offset but again nothing extreme, just right
Daniel Mckenna you take great photos

Shout out to the owner as well, beautiful car.

Photo credit: Daniel Mckenna


  1. mmmm migusta i wish the wheels wer gold centered and how about a lil black spoiler hmmm lol
    ps i like the fitment ceeps it raceable “its a quick car help bont hinder ” as my dad would say

  2. After this winter when my car comes bck frimthe body shop I hope to see a thread about my super clean 240sx 😛

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