Theme Tuesdays: More Volvos


A couple days ago when moving my dad out of his place I found a picture of myself in front of his once prized Volvo, then later in the week when my visiting mom I noticed my her neighbor recently picked up a a C30 which we chatted about for awhile.

Those two run ins meant I had Volvos on the brain so I figured why not keep that going a little bit more with these I had sitting on my hard drive from the last time I did a Volvo Theme Tuesday.

Everything I’ve read points to Volvo’s being a little harder to get closer to the ground that some platforms so kudos to these owners. (Also what’s with he C30 bolt pattern?)

I've always liked this car because of the unique and subtle fender treatment
Brick on bricks
This one I like because of the color
Which reminds me of a clear coated primer
Older Volvos pull off the 'I don't care about your shiny paint' look pretty well
This wagon is amazing, and purple.
Overboost indeed
I saw a Volvo out at a CSCS event drifting once, wonder what ever happened to it
Something tells me there is a build thread I should read about this car
So just how good of road trip vehicles are these?
This one looks like it could be a hearse
Well done, local C30, must find
There was a time when I thought Volvos looked too boxy but now I prefer it to smiley face cars


  1. the only thing better than volvo pics is more molvo pics lol,ive always wanted to slam a rolls roice hearse would make a sick surf wagon easy to sleep in too

  2. @Joe thanks for the link!
    @ 1st Matt yes I need to find more of that car
    @Ollie you would 😛
    @ 2nd Matt ya when they hit the ground they do it well.

  3. Was at a friend yesterday who runs a second hand car lot and lo and behold he has a 850 T5-R (saloon and not wagon unfortunately) on the lot. This meant I also had Volvos on the brain for much of yesterday (and now today again). Must not buy must not buy must not buy.

    Great post. Thanks Dave

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