Theme Tuesdays: Regas On Everything


When it comes to single piece wheels in my mind two stand over the rest of the pack. The dependable and affordable Enkei RPF-1 and the extremely versatile, Russian made, Desmond Regmaster Evo (and it’s larger damn near identical cousin the Desmond Marquis Promada).

A simple five spoke that works on pretty much any car in an appropriate proximity to the ground (low) it is a little embarrassing that it has taken me this long to pay homage to an iconic wheel that essentially laid the ground work for the spoon sw388, Rota Slipstream and so forth.

I’m not going to lie with aggressive fitment starting to become almost comically exaggerated in some cases, tucking seems refreshing
For those who like things a bit more aggressive, but not extreme, these widened Regas are pretty awesome
There's a good chance these might be the same wheels as the ones above
There’s a good chance these might be the same wheels as the ones above since I think the originated from MemoryFab In California
I do not post nearly enough Z32s here and this one is stunning
Today’s Theme Tuesday was actually sparked because of this car. I was originally pulling together a JDM wheels/Euro car mix.
Nice spec too for a good balance of function and form
Great looking FC
Unfortunately the owner of this car cracked on of his Regas (seemingly common) and has temporarily replaced them with MB battles
Hopefully he gets it repaired because these look great mounted
This just cracked my all time favourite GC list
I think it’s safe to say these wheels safely work well on any Honda between 89 to 1999 or so…


End things off with the beautiful, but since parted, S2000 from Level One


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