WTF Friday: CBS Super Van


Have to thank Ollie again for bringing awesome cars into my life, this time in the form of a Van called the Supervan. What is the CBS Supervan you might ask?

Well on paper the CBS Supervan was a promotional vehicle but that doesn’t mean it shares any similarities with other promotional vehicles like say the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile.

Alan Arnon, the marketing manager of CBS automotive parts built this as a promotional one off sometime in the 80s. (CBS made brake pads, clutches, belts etc)

Starting as a standard Bedford CF the most noticeable modification done to this Van at first glance is the wide body but beneath all of that custom bodywork lies the real craziness.

This van is powered by a 4.4 Rover v8 motor, has a Jaguar XJ12 front and rear suspension (that’s the one with inboard brakes), air shocks, Recaro seats with speakers in the headrests… the list goes on and on.

Basically the CBS Supervan is a super awesome van that once roamed the uk but seems to have have vanished over the years.

Apparently it is being mothballed so really someone needs to find it and bring it back out.

More info on this van including scans of a feature in Hot Rods And Customs can be found here on The Amazo Effect which is also where I grabbed these photos.

Site Updates

A store restock is in the works along with an affiliate setup that will allow you guys to custom order the stickers in any color to suit your needs.

Flashback Friday

I know this wasn’t really all that long ago but since we have been talking about fans on the fanpage all week I figured why not throw back to the Previa/Estima Theme Tuesday which is one like away from 100.


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