Theme Tuesdays: Toyota Estima/Previas


To honest I am not quite sure how well this one is going to go over because I know not everyone is into these egg shaped vans, but when I was thinking of something different to do this Tuesday these were at the top of the list.

I can’t think of any local Previa’s or Estimas but they are quite popular in Japan and a few have popped up in the US.

Thanks to a couple threads on VIP Style Cars and some posts on OMG Pancakes I was able to pull together a group wehere everyone should be able to find one they like.

Those are some wide ass Equips
I'm curious what sort of IRS goes into the back of these
Those window visors seem to be pretty popular
Bugels are everywhere
I wasn't really a fan of the front bumper on this one but from the back, money
Cali reppin'
Camber in the back is a little more than I usually like I dig the color combo
If I remember from last night this van has gone through a bunch of revisions
As I get farther down in this post I get less worried you all are going to like it...
Very, very, well put together
Kind of crazy how aggressive of wheels these vans can pull off
These wheels kind of remind me of Luxury Abstracts
Boss status
This one is easily top 3 in my favorites off all I've posted so sick
Most of vans I posted today were originally posted by the owner of this van on V.S.C.
Pretty sure he's been featured on a few blogs and has a thread over on Stance Works

If I do a second round I might choose some of the more out there examples…thoughts?


  1. VIP estimas have to be the coolest vans on the planet, especially with some nice aggresive aero like in the second photo.

  2. id love to see a totaly smoothed euro style previa im not normaly into euro style but i think it would sute it to a T

  3. When I opened the link I hoped the red and black US one would be in and you made me wait until the last 2 photos! Having said that all the vans posted are super call. My parents had one of these back in the 90s. Looking at these pics wish they kept it and gave it to me.

    Great post Dave.

    Off to find a Previa now.

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